«YURGATS №3 NAKS» LLC. was organized on 13-th of June 2000.

ООО"YURGATS №3 NAKS" LLC. carries out : training of welders and welding production specialists at initial, additional, periodic and extraordinary certification for I, II, III and IV levels of qualification (practical exam is head on base of Certification point (CP) - ZAO "KMUS-2"; special training of welders and welding production specialists (on base of center ЮР-5ЦСП with program approved by NAKS); certification of NTD specialists for I and II levels of qualification (with programs approved by FGAU NUCSK at MGTU after name of Baumana «SertiNK»).

"YURGATS №3 NAKS" LLC. accepts requests from candidates, analysis the submitted documents on the certification committee. Conducts the exam consist of theoretic and practice parts and in case of candidate's qualification confrimation, issues the certificate of standard from. At certification of NTD specialists is issued two certificates : qualification certificate and cetificate that confirmed the knowledge of safety rules.

Policy of "YURGATS №3 NAKS" LLC. is the service provisioning for welders and welding production specialists certification with guaranteed high qulity level allowing customers effectively manage all organization procedures oriented for prevention of any harm infliction. Management and staff of organization (CC) consider that the creation of QMS (quality management system) is an important direction of organization activity in the way of achieving the desired goals.

The overall objectives of organization (CC) are: achieving of spotless reputation inrange of provided services quality; introduction of progressive experience in the all phases of work and also extension of activity borders and number of clients.

Center has a ,odern equipment and professional specialists who provide the execution of works at the highest level. Major principle of our work with clients is performance of high quality work on time.